Thunder Tiger RC PD9095 Gas Tank TA-VX

//Thunder Tiger RC PD9095 Gas Tank TA-VX

Thunder Tiger RC PD9095 Gas Tank TA-VX

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Thunder Tiger Community was established in 1979. With over the 30 years’ trip Thunder Tiger has now change into a global RC imprint known for its modern spirit and quality RC objects. With a right backbone in be taught, carry out, construction, fabricate and integration, our imaginative and prescient is to be the enviornment’s finest RC/UAV imprint for commercial and recreational employ, and we’ve situation out to set apart that by designing the handiest merchandise that somebody has ever gentle. Concept Thunder Tiger and TTRobotix favorable replacement formulation.Made from advantageous materials and designed for prolonged lasting performance
Right here’s to be used on RC merchandise, search the suggestion of your individual’s manual for staunch formulation listings
Direct OEM formulation for a guaranteed fit and damage

Mark: $10.ninety 9

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