“The R/C Fishing Pole”- Get’s fish with any r/c boat!

//“The R/C Fishing Pole”- Get’s fish with any r/c boat!

“The R/C Fishing Pole”- Get’s fish with any r/c boat!

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The ORIGINAL “RC FISHING POLE” fits on ANY RC BOAT. Boat No longer Incorporated. Enticing join “THE RC FISHING POLE” to your r/c boat and lumber after the Fish. Now you would force your fishing line(bait), around the pond or lake. Pull in fish with the boat or employ the twin carriageway free up. Your fishing line disconnects when fish hits. You might derive any size fish too. Fish Fun Co./”s /”RC FISHING POLE” is potentially the most productive product that with out concerns turns any R/C Boat true into a R/C Fishing Boat. No glue, screws or holes to drill and might no longer hurt the boat. Durable realizing yellow plastic, two sets of holders, whereas you happen to favor to must make employ of two varied boats. Straightforward to read instruction book. takes minutes to placed on any R/C BOAT. “LETS GO RC FISHING” Additional/other files from Seller: Boat No longer IncludedGO FISHING WITH ANY REMOTE CONTROL(r/c) BOAT!
Will be placed on any R/C BOAT
THE ORIGINAL, NEW technique to lumber fishing!
Drive your bait around any lake with the push of your a ways away preserve watch over, join a bobber, “bammo” fish hits, line disconnects, reel it in!
Get Panfish, Bass, Pike, No fish is simply too huge, the twin carriageway disconnects when fish hits! We also have an correct sequence of R/C Boats to make employ of too!

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