Scale R/C Simulating Fight Tank

//Scale R/C Simulating Fight Tank

Scale R/C Simulating Fight Tank

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This Tank is all you’ll want to ever ask for in a R/C Tank duplicate. It runs on its rotating track belt, tearing through any terrain you throw at it! The turret is individually managed as neatly rotating left/exact and aiming up/down. And moreover… IT REALLY SHOOTS! (minute plastic bb’s) And when it fires, the turret recoils fair as an actual tank would. Prepared to Fireplace! Let’s Mosey! Let’s Mosey!Dimension:18.5″
Field Dimension:21″ x 10″ x eight.5″
Colors:Green Camo
Battery:9.6V / 750mAh
Fat-feature / Transferring Turrets / Shoots BB’s

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