LTX treme Land Sea RC

//LTX treme Land Sea RC

LTX treme Land Sea RC

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Conquer any terrain and blast by boundaries with the LTXtreme Land Sea RC. Immense treaded tires potential that you can streak over a number of terrains admire gravel, grass, dirt and even snow. Haven’t had enough? Exhaust the one contact transformation button on the remote own watch over to remodel from assault automobile to combating. Blast by boundaries and take down your scheme at expeditiously tempo or precision firing with the catch in canon. Load up to 5 missiles and be in a position to take scheme.One contact transformation from assault automobile to combating boat that conquers all terrains (land, water, snow)
Quick & straightforward shooting capability with expeditiously fire and single shooting capabilities. Cannon holds 5 missiles
LiPo battery 7.4V battery
4wd capabilities on land
Contents embody: One Land Sea RC, one controller, 10 missiles that trek, one USB Charging Cable and instruction recordsdata

Label: $seventy nine.ninety nine $32.35

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