Italeri 36507 World of Tanks WoT Leopard 1 A2 Tank Plastic Model Kit, 1:35 Scale

//Italeri 36507 World of Tanks WoT Leopard 1 A2 Tank Plastic Model Kit, 1:35 Scale

Italeri 36507 World of Tanks WoT Leopard 1 A2 Tank Plastic Model Kit, 1:35 Scale

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German huge

Leopards had been the tanks supposed to take the brunt of any Cool Battle warfare and ship invaders home
packing. Their 105mm gun and distinctive accelerate and vary made them the very finest automobile to conduct
a warfare of maneuver in opposition to a numerically kindly enemy. Germany built over 4 thousand of them, in
all variants, and has saved them upgraded to the latest identical earlier ever since. Fortunately, the Cool Battle
never overheated and the Leopard 1 has viewed comparatively shrimp precise strive in opposition to train. They had been deployed
as convoy guards with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. This day, the Leopard 1 serves in Rather a ramification of South
American countries, Greece, and Turkey.


Detailed Plastic Model Kit
A high stage of care has been taken to method sure that this mannequin is both historically appropriate and that
all parts match along with a high identical earlier of match and do.

In-Game Codes
Three redeemable in-sport invite codes and a bonus code are included with the equipment as a draw to add tech to your
tank within the Massively Multiplayer World of Tanks on-line sport.

Bonus Gear included
A cool poster with thousands tanks, a tank e book, and liquid cement to reduction issues hold together are included
within the equipment.



  • Plastic Model Kit, 1/35 Scale German Leopard 1 Tank
  • Tank Information
  • Wall Poster
  • Liquid Cement
  • Waterslide Decals



  • Assembly (earlier modeling experience urged)
  • Plastic Model Sprue Cutters (HCAR0630)
  • Curiosity Knife (RMXR6909)
  • Plastic Cement
  • Model paints
  • On-line connection required to redeem World of Tanks codes


Instructed Paints:

  • Metallic Flat Metal FS37178
  • Flat Gloomy FS37038
  • Flat Gunmetal FS37200
  • Flat Red FS31400
  • Flat Orange FS32197
  • Flat Wood FS30257
  • Flat Darkish Green FS34079
  • Flat Skin Tone Tint Adversarial-Light FS31575
  • Flat White FS37875
  • Flat Panzer Dunkelgelb FS33440
  • Flat Olive Drab FS34084
  • Flat Panzer Schokobraun FS30045
  • Flat Sand FS30475



  • Length: 10.seventy 4 inches (273 millimeters)
  • Outdated passion modeling experience urged

Highly detailed plastic mannequin equipment of German Leopard 1A2 Tank with World of Tanks codes
Historically appropriate mannequin of 1 among the toughest tanks in Europe
Icy corpulent-coloration reference poster with brilliant scenes included
Glue included for mannequin assembly, paint required
Comprises bonus code for 30 days of Top rate Yarn plus three invite codes for seven days of Top rate Yarn, a T2 Top rate Light tank, a storage slot, and 1,000 gold for in-sport purchases

Impress: $19.Ninety 9

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